THD Eurotrip 2014

We attended Indievelopment and A MAZE. We had more of the team present this time; Michal and I, Lucas and his Girlfriend Aggeliki, and Maciej all made it, as well as Tom for the AMAZE portion of the trip.

The trip was a 7 day blitz across the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Utrecht), Germany (Berlin) and Poland (Warsaw) - it was really nice to meet more of the team and to see more of what was happening on Transmigration. We also took the chance to show KAG, Shiprekt and Transmigration at AMAZE, play some other indie's games, and I got to meet some TIGSource folk face to face.

It was also thoroughly physically exhausting. It left me properly jetlagged for the first time in my life, and was followed up by a head cold for good measure. I'll be sure to schedule more time for R+R following similar trips in future.