Early Days

I'd always dreamed of making videogames. It always seemed like magic, that little worlds and toys could fit inside a little machine with a screen on it.

My father introduced me to programming when I was young with the Visual Basic scripting in MS PowerPoint (don't judge). At the time, I couldn't really get any deeper into it than making programs that avoided your mouse or a little rectangle that moved around... Nevertheless, it sparked my imagination and gave me a look "behind the curtain".

VBA Screenshot There's a strange nostalgia in this screenshot for me. It's from a version of VB I never touched, but there's enough overlapping dialogues and inspectors to ring a bell of familiarity.

In school I talked endlessly with friends about games we were "going to make". These were the standard "dream games" - overambitious nightmare designs without any concession to technical limitations or team size or (lack of) budget.

Flixel "workflow" image Who'd have guessed flash would be the answer?

Some time in 2009 I got interested in actually doing something about making games. I tinkered with the excellent Love framework and participated in my first Ludum Dare, and then discovered Flixel.