GDC 2012

We attended GDC 2012. Meeting Michal face to face for the first time was very interesting, you learn a lot about how someone really works when you work in the same room as them.

We invited Ryan 'FliesLikeABrick' Rawdon along as well, and it was great to work in a team, bouncing questions off each other in the common room of the Indie Hostel on Mason in San Fransisco.

Ryan was putting together the KAG API at this point, an arcane thing that MM and I really didn't understand. We were told it'd mean no more master server (and therefore no more master server crashes), and a much more scalable system in general. As long as we didn't have to do much for it, we didn't mind. The API was released a few months later, but a lot of the foundation was laid during the conference.